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near Lancaster Park, 01

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rarityBlack-capped Chickadees (2)
Seen by jim macgregor
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When March 04, 2012 at 17:39
Details COMMON
Notes -backyard; local breeding pair; this is an informative link on chickadees, which during spring and summer, feed on insects and spiders, like this Orb Weaver on our red fence:
Weather -1C; snowing


user joycesollway, Mar 5 2012
This must be your latest sign of Spring, nice and close, is that his/her winter coat?
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user jim macgregor, Mar 5 2012
Joyce- this pic of the Spider was taken Aug 15, 2008, only I wish that it was taken yesterday, which would clearly give us an excuse for Spring! This City of Edmonton link gives a brief description of these neat specimens: -the hard part here is, that both Birds and Spiders are beneficial in controlling insect populations in our gardens, but inevitably even their paths will cross. :o))
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user joycesollway, Mar 6 2012
Too bad, thought it was Spring. :)
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